About Us

Tirupur Kalaimagal College of Pharmacy was providing edication service since 1984 An education in Pharmacy is the study of drug discovery to formulation and evaluation of medicinal substances and their therapeutic uses. Pharmacist may be involved in any and all aspects of drug and medicine use, such as drug discovery, the drug’s development, or its supply to patients. Pharmacist is an integral part of the healthcare industry, and an exciting profession in which to work.

TK College of Pharmacy has a team of dedicated and committed people. The highly experienced, student caring and well qualified faculty contribute largely to the ever increasing demand of quality maintenance and performance of the student.

Anti Ragging

‘Ragging’ a social menace, as such has no place in academic environment of the college and concerted efforts are required to be in place to prevent its occurrence at any point of time. Hence a balanced ‘anti-ragging policy’ is adopted by the institution.

Our College had anti-ragging committee since 2014. Our principle Mr. M.Ashok Prabu is the head of the committee Phone No: +91 9443856966

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